Who Are The Black Queens of Cannabis Cuisine?

There is more public support for the legalization of cannabis in the united States than ever before with new polls showing more than half the country is in favor of legalizing marijuana.  There is now evidence that cannabis and/or cannabinoids can help with conditions like pain, multiple sclerosis-related muscle spasms and chemotherapy-related nausea, according to a 2017 research review by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. For this reason we see the normalization of all things cannabis. 

With the legalization of marijuana being on the rise, we see more relaxed views when it comes to cannabis made edibles, CBD remedies and topical products.  New cannabis business’s, and new young entrepreneurs that are motivated fans of Weed!  Many business’s owned by minorities and woman.  Here are some of best and brightest in the cannabis-cuisine space. These are the Black Queens of Cannabis, chefs that have developed award-winning edibles, staged schmancy cannabis dinners and  proved that cannabis cuisine is the next hot dish.

Chef Andrea Drummer (Canna Queen)

book-cannabis-cuisine-by-chef andrea-drummer

Chef Andrea Drummer began her cannabis culinary career in 2012  while enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu, Los Angeles. She found herself working at the Ritz Carlton  with the likes of famed Chef Neal Frazer. Who she credits with changing her views on Cannabis.  She co-founded Elevation VIP Cooperative and become versed in cooking with cannabis. A staunch advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

While cooking for the likes of Chelsea Handler and other noted celebrities. She has been featured in Marie Claire Magazine, Vogue Online, Pop-Sugar, 60 Second Docs and LA Times and was recently named 1 of 10 Top Cannabis Chefs in the country. As an entrepreneur and a patient, she continues to spread her new gospel about the benefits of cannabis by educating, advocating and cooking. 

Chef Keena Moffit


Keena Moffet is a cannabis entrepreneur who is using her skills to teach foodies how to incorporate cannabis into tasty meals. She’s written a cookbook and recently launched a You Tube cooking show called The Antidote to show folks that there’s more to cannabis cooking than just brownies.

Keena Moffett is a foodie entrepreneur and on-location food photographer based in Atlanta, GA. She has a passion for great food and travel that is always apparent in her work. Keena graduated with a bachelors degree in accounting and finance, and began her career in that sector before giving into her current life as a full-time foodie. 

Tune in to Keena's YouTube Channel the Antidote for more delicious recipes!

Chef Unika Noiel

Chef Noiel opened a small catering company in 2006, Soul-Full Foods. In 2013, she enrolled in culinary school, and started work as head chef and manager at Pioneer Square’s Italian restaurant, Che Sara Sara. 

For 9 years she has run Luvn Kitchn, which produces “Fellowship” dinners, monthly invitation-only events featuring her very special soul food—dishes like cannabis-infused fried chicken, mashed potatoes, crawfish, and pâté. She uses a secret recipe for infused flour, an ingredient that allows her to create savory THC-laden meals that offer a different experience than more common sweet edibles like cookies and candy.

Chef Daniella Davis

Chef Daniella began working in restaurants in both Long Island and Manhattan, but  her skills had moved past following a regimented menu style. This lead her to start her own personal chef and catering company called Dine in with Daniella. She fashioned culinary fare for celebrities and host of upscale clients from LA to NYC!

All of her hard work did not go unnoticed when she participated in Food & Wine’s Best Chef 2015 program. Television came calling next, with her competing on the Food Network show, Guy’s Grocery Games.

She is a self proclaimed cannabis chef and caterer. She specialize in cannabis infusion. Her food showcases the flavors of her Caribbean and Latina background. 


Women-owned catering   https://chefdaniella.com/shop website

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