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Chef Andrea Drummer

Chef Andrea Drummer is a graduate  of Le Cordon Bleu and co-owner of Elevation VIP Co-op, a Los Angelas-based company that caters highend, intimate dinner parties – AND, she is a world class marijuana chef.

Reading Challenge

Filled with recipes, but more than a marijuana cookbook: Cannabis Cuisine elevates marijuana to the highest levels of cuisine. Never before have recipes been presented like this. From the comforts of southern kitchens to the upscale stoves of Michelin star restaurants, each recipe is carefully crafted to elevate both the dish and the cook.

  • In this book, you’ll learn:

    • The basics of pairing buds
    • How to create unique butters and oils to incorporate in every meal
    • Tips for elevateting breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • The secret of marijuana as a flavor powerhouse
    • How to properly dose cannabis infused cuisine

Forbes Magazine seven best ganja cookbooks!

#1 New Release in Herbs & Condiments – much more than just a pot cookbook, Cannabis Cuisine elevates marijuana to a fine cuisine

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