Gardening in Small Spaces

Phenomenal Small Space Gardening

Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Phenomenal Small Space Gardening How to Compost in Small Spaces Using the Organic Bokashi Composting Method. Bokashi composting is a Japanese method of composting created by Teruo Higa. It’s an anaerobic process which ferments the food scraps using effective microorganisms. It’s great for kitchens and small apartments!  Here is what you can do now to prepare for a bountiful garden this summer using Organic Bokashi Composting.… Read More »Phenomenal Small Space Gardening

What Is A Three Sisters Garden

Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram What is a Three Sisters Garden? A three sisters garden is a Native American method of companion planting. It consists of corn, beans and a chosen gourd (squash, pumpkin, melon) that thrive when planted together. This garden is the a popular example of companion planting, and was used by Native Americans before Europeans settled in the Americas. We recommend that you use heirloom seeds for your three… Read More »What Is A Three Sisters Garden